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Ducks are under threat from hunting, drought and environmental degradation around the world.

From the tufted ducks that grace our ponds and waterways to the eiders that endure the wild swells of the northern seas, the lives of these birds are as fascinating and diverse as the habitats which they call home.

Not just in the UK but all around the world, we’re working to monitor threatened duck populations and, where necessary, take action to protect them. Adopt a duck today and find out about the lives of these marvellous birds and the work that we’re doing to protect them.

Your adoption really helps

Adoptions like yours provide invaluable support for our work. They help fund projects that can literally bring a species back from the brink of extinction. They also provide a vital boost for our duck monitoring programme and enable us to protect their wetland habitats.

Make a great day out of it and use your free adopter's ticket to visit one of our nine centres around the UK, where you can find out more about the species and habitat you're helping protect. 


  • Cuddly Duck Toy

    A cute cuddly toy to remind you of your adopted species

  • Information Pack

    Your adopters’ welcome pack will include a fascinating fact pack, a limited edition poster, an iconic sticker sheet and a personalised certificate. You'll also receive a free ticket to any one of our centres around the UK so you can learn more about these diverse birds.

  • Regular Updates

    Our spring and autumn magazines will keep you updated on your chosen species


Every year we hatch and rear numerous species of rare ducklings, thanks to the specialist skills of our aviculturists who work in the extraordinary Slimbridge Duckery.  Here, our team are constantly developing techniques that can then be used in the field by conservationists around the world.  It is this expertise that enabled WWT staff to collect and hatch eggs from the last few surviving Madagascan pochards, so doubling their world population in just a few months.

If a species is in decline, you need to find out why before you can take action to protect it. To this end we have been tracking Britain’s most threatened breeding duck, the tragically misnamed “common” scoter, of which there are only 40 breeding pairs left in the UK.  This new data is helping us target our conservation efforts and save this duck from extinction.  Adopt a duck and help support this valuable work.

Your adoption will help us to...

  • Protect and create wetland habitats for both our resident and migratory ducks
  • Monitor threatened duck populations around the world
  • Support our wetland centres’ living collections
  • Train our aviculturists ready to save the next threatened species of duck
  • Engage and inspire people to take an interest in the natural world


* Please note that you will receive a tufted duck welcome pack, but the accompanying fluffy duckling toy may not be species specific. Your updates will cover a wide variety of duck species.