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Adopt a flamingo and help us protect this flamboyant, and fragile, bird.

Flamingos have been included in WWT’s captive breeding programme for over 50 years, and your support will enable us to continue with our very successful flamingo breeding programmes at WWT centres. Our experts monitor the flamingos at our wetland centres to understand the threats they face in the wild, such as a loss of habitat.  

When you adopt a flamingo you'll receive a cute cuddly flamingo toy, a personalised certificate, a twice-yearly magazine and a free ticket to a WWT centre. Most importantly, your unique gift will feed and care for flamingos at WWT centres, and it will help us pioneer research to benefit flamingos all around the world. 

At WWT we build specialist flamingo nests to encourage flamingo breeding at out centres, and these nests have been used in the wild to benefit thousands of flamingos. Just £3 a month, or £36 a year will help us to build another of these specialist flamingo nests.

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Owen, WWT Aviculturist

" This winter I hand reared five Chilean flamingos from egg. Four months, seven days a week, of syringe feeding to mimic the beak to beak feeding that would naturally occur every three hours was tough! Sleep deprivation and tiredness though was of course worth it when I now admire and take pride in seeing these five healthy birds. Rearing flamingos is costly and only made possible with funding from supporters. "Owen, WWT Aviculturist