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These iconic birds are under serious threat from habitat loss

Flamingos can live for over 60 years, and usually reside in large social groups. They are bizarre, striking and often baffling birds, and their unique biological traits mean that they never fail to amaze.

Theirs is a story of exotic landscapes, staggeringly vast congregations, and the very strangest of rituals.

Adopt a flamingo today and find out about the lives of these flamboyant creatures and the work that we’re doing to protect them.

Make a great day out of it and use your free adopter's ticket to visit one of our nine centres around the UK, where you can find out more about the species and habitat you're helping protect. 


  • Cuddly Flamingo Toy

    A cute cuddly toy to remind you of your adopted species

  • Information Pack

    Your adopters’ welcome pack will include a fascinating fact pack, a limited edition poster, an iconic sticker sheet and a personalised certificate. You'll also receive a free ticket to any one of our centres around the UK which you could use to visit our beautiful flamingos.

  • Regular Updates

    Our spring and autumn magazines will keep you updated on your chosen species


The techniques that WWT have developed over many years for our captive birds directly help their cousins out in the wild. Our pioneering technique of building artificial nest mounds helps wild flamingos to breed in just the same way they do the captive birds at our centres.

And we are developing new wetlands globally too. The Sanctuary, a wetland centre in Dubai, developed by WWT Consulting, is a critical stop-off point for birds on the East African-West Asian flyway. More than 3,000 flamingos stop here. By creating new wetland habitats and protecting old ones we can support flamingos and all waterbirds that use the flyway.

A study in pink

Bright, brilliant and flamboyant, flamingos are close to our heart at WWT. Ever since our founder Sir Peter Scott brought them here in the 1960s, we’ve been considered world leaders in the breeding and animal husbandry of captive flamingos. Today we still have some of the those original flamingos that started our love affair with the species and this summer six of our birds reached the grand old age of 60.

Although our captive birds continue to thrive, out in the wild it is a different story. The world population of lesser flamingos is in rapid decline, they are found on just a few breeding grounds across the world and these extraordinary flamingo wetlands are suffering. An adoption like yours means we can carry on perfecting the techniques we need to help flamingos worldwide and ensure the survival of their wetland habitats.

Your adoption will help us to...

  • Develop flamingo research and conservation techniques worldwide
  • Continue with our very successful breeding programme at WWT centres
  • Build specialist flamingo nests to encourage breeding


* Please note that you will receive a lesser flamingo welcome pack, but the accompanying fluffy flamingo toy may not be species specific. Your updates will cover a wide variety of flamingo species.