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Curious, cute and friendly, the nene - or Hawaiian goose - is the world's rarest goose.

 In 1952 just 30 nenes remained in the wild when Sir Peter Scott, founder of WWT, took action to save the species.

Now WWT works to monitor threatened geese populations around the world and, where necessary, take action to protect them. Theirs is a story of staggering migrations, extreme isolation, and characteristics as weird and wonderful as the evolutionary niches which they’ve evolved to fill.

Adopt a goose today and find out about the lives of these iconic birds and the work that we’re doing to protect them. 

Your adoption really helps

Adoptions like yours provide invaluable support for our work. They help fund projects that can literally bring a species back from the brink of extinction. 

Make a great day out of it and use your free adopter's ticket to visit one of our nine centres around the UK, where you can find out more about the species and habitat you're helping protect. 


  • Cuddly Goose Toy

    A cute cuddly toy to remind you of your adopted species

  • Information Pack

    Your adopters’ welcome pack will include a fascinating fact pack, a limited edition poster, an iconic sticker sheet and a personalised certificate + a free ticket to any one of our centres around the UK

  • Regular Updates

    Our spring and autumn magazines will keep you updated on your chosen species.


When it comes to protecting and saving goose populations in the UK and around the world, WWT are experts.  From working with local communities to successfully reduce hunting of Red Breasted Geese to providing the perfect feeding condition for our overwintering Barnies at Caerlaverock, our work is underpinned by high quality science and research. And our expertise in managing, restoring and creating wetlands means we are in a fantastic position to preserve the habitats that the nene and other threatened goose populations so desperately need to thrive.

The start of something big

When Sir Peter Scott first took action to save the nene - or Hawaiian goose -  it was on the brink of extinction and only 30 remained. Although it is still considered to be the the world's rarest goose, there are now over 2,000. In fact, Sir David Attenborough credits the nene and Sir Peter’s work saving it, for turning him into a conservationist.

It is success stories like this that are a vital reminder of what co-ordinated conservation, funded by adoptions like yours, can achieve. Adopt a goose and ensure this valuable work continues.

Your adoption will help us...

  • Monitor threatened goose populations around the world
  • Take action to protect geese and their wetland habitats
  • Support our wetland centres’ living collections
  • Train our aviculturists ready to save the next threatened species of goose


*Please note that you will receive a nene welcome pack, but the accompanying fluffy toy may not be species specific. Your updates will cover a wide variety of goose species.