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Adopt a Bewick's swan, for yourself or a loved one, and help us to protect these majestic birds

Adopt Butterbur

Adopt aBewick's Swan

Thousands of Bewick's swans, including our adoptable swans Coddle, Smiles, Butterbur, Latchet, Densel and Balsa, endure a gruelling 2,500 mile migration every winter. Adopt a Bewick's swan for only £5 a month and help us ensure their long-term protection.

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  • Adopt Butterbur


    Named after the native wetland plant, Butterbur is a beautiful adult female Bewick's swan.

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  • Adopt Charlotte


    A young swan, we're hoping to see Charlotte returning this year with cygnets.

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  • Adopt Coddle


    Coddle was named by Lady Philippa Scott and is a favourite at Slimbridge.

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  • Adopt Densel


    Handsome Densel has been a regular winter resident at Slimbridge since 2007.

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  • Adopt Hope


    Particularly elegant even for a Bewick's swan, we first met Hope on the Ouse Washes in 2014.

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  • Adopt Latchet


    Latchet, which comes from the Old French word meaning 'lace', is an elegant adult female.

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Sir David Attenborough, WWT Vice President

" By adopting a Bewick's swan you are ensuring that this vital charity's conservation work continues for years to come. "Sir David Attenborough, WWT Vice President