Elegant, majestic and facing nearly a 40% decline.

There are few wildlife events more spectacular than the sight of hundreds of Bewick's swans taking to the air to begin their 2,500-mile migration to the bleak and remote tundra of Russia. These remarkable birds can live for almost 30 years, and they mate for life. Through our Bewick’s monitoring programme, we see characters returning every year.

Theirs is a story of vast journeys and breathtaking landscapes, leading their cygnets in a battle to survive which traces the wild extremes of our global climate.  But each year, fewer and fewer are returning. Illegal hunting, lead poisoning, climate change, loss of wetland habitats, and power line collisions are all taking their toll.

Help them by adopting a swan today, and find out about the lives of these majestic birds and the work that we’re doing to protect them.

Make a great day out of it and use your free adopter's ticket to visit one of our nine centres around the UK, where you can find out more about the species and habitat you're helping protect. 


  • Cuddly Toy

    A cute cuddly toy to remind you of your adopted species

  • Information Pack

    Your adopters’ welcome pack will include a fascinating information pack, an adopter’s car sticker, a sightings sheet and bill sketches to help you identify your chosen swan + a free ticket to any one of our centres around the UK

  • Regular Updates

    Our spring and autumn magazines will keep you updated on your chosen species.


Each year these extraordinary birds battle their way over thousands of kilometres of desolate tundra, wooded wilderness and vast lakes and seas. As winter comes, they set off from their breeding grounds in arctic Russia, often flying with cygnets as young as 12 weeks old.  But each year hundreds of birds fail to reach their final destination

The Bewick’s plight is entirely preventable. Your adoption will boost our pioneering conservation work and help save this endangered species and its valuable wetland habitats.

And this year it means you’ll also be part of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Flight of the Swans is an epic journey with a serious conservation purpose. A daring bid to fly 7000km, by paramotor, with one of nature’s great migrations, on a quest to discover the cause of the Bewick’s decline. 


  • Work with colleagues across the swan’s flyway to understand the causes of the decline
  • Continue the Bewick’s swan monitoring, research and conservation programe, established in 1964
  • Ensure the swan’s wetland habitats are maintained
  • Work with remote hunting communities in Russia to understand where and why Bewick’s are being hunted and to identify ways of stopping this illegal shooting
  • Raise awareness of the dangers to swans of lead shot and to persuade all hunters to use an alternative
  • Work with power line companies to either bury or make cables more visible.  It’s a simple solution that is proving very effective

87p of every £1 goes directly towards our conservation work and every penny thereafter towards raising the next £1.